Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Monthly Pepper Box


The New Pepper sauce box that is hot! 
Before you join:
Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do I pay for my membership to Monthly Pepper Box?

You will pay for your first box, or series of boxes if you prepay for 3+ months, when you first signup. After your first box, or prepaid period, your membership will renew for another period equal to your first period. All membership will renew on the 25th of each month.

2.When will my first box go out?

If you join before the 15th of the month your first box of hot sauce will be shipped out on the 15th of the month. If you join after the 15th your first box will be shipped out on the following month's 15th.

3.How hot will the hot sauce be?

With each box, our goal is to showcase all that makes a brand unique. So there will be HOT sauces (8/10 to 10/10) but there will also be sauces for the less hardened pepper head. Monthly Pepper Box will feature a collection of sauces good for intermediate pepper heads and above.

4.Who decides what sauces are sent out?

For the most part, MPB will allow the hot sauce makers to decide what we send out. We LOVE hot sauces but each hot sauce maker KNOWS their brand. And we want to feature their vision of their brand and let you decide if they are deserving of your business moving forward. Though we do retain veto power, just in case.

5.What if I don't like the hot sauces I get?

First off, we don’t guarantee that you are going to love every sauce we send out. As each and every person’s palate is different no two people will view sauces the same way. Inevitably you will get a hot sauce you just don’t like. But that is, to a large degree, part of why you should join Monthly Pepper Box. You will get to experience all the good and the little bad the hot sauce industry has to offer. When it doubt, re-gift the offending sauce to the break room at work. But if you decide that you REALLY regret your choice to join and that you have been swindled out of your hard earned money, then we will refund your money and end your membership with no hard feelings on our end.

 First up was : Minorcan Gold- This citrus-based sauce is fired up with the pepper of St. Augustine, the Datil Pepper.  There are undertones of curry and peppercorns that give a wonderful flavor with just a mild heat.  Good on just about anything, it works especially well on seafood, chicken, and pork.
This sauce goes wonderfully with Asian dishes, I added some to my last stir fry and the family loved it.
Next up:Minorcan Ghost-This sauce is the Minorcan Gold amped up with the buttock burning heat of the Ghost Pepper, aka Bhut Jolokia from India!  This is a hot level sauce but not so hot as to cover up flavors.  It is very good strait on your food as a condiment or mixed in sauces during cooking or in dips. This was the boy's favorite. They are for some reason obsessed with Ghost Peppers so they had fun challenging each other with this sauce and eating it on everything they thought might taste remotely good with it on it.
I wasn't able to find a lot of information on the last bottle I tried, even though it was my favorite out of all of them. Flamingo Fire is a fun hot sauce that says it's great on Gator, Possum, Snapping Turtle, Crok and Rattlesnake. I'm a little to far from the Gulf Coast to get most of that, but I can tell you that it's great on chicken. The ingredients include a yummy blend of  Choice Hot peppers, Distilled White Vinegar, Cane Sugar, cane Syrups, Garlic, Salt, and Other Spices.

If you love hot sauces then I would definitely recommend this subscription box. It's a great way to try out new sauces for not a lot of money. Of course there's no guarantee that you will like every sauce, but I like this method of trying them better than paying a lot more for the same thing and not loving it.

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