Friday, January 15, 2016

Simple Loose Leaf - January 2016

 Simple Loose Leaf

 What a delicious sampling of teas! I was so excited when my first box came in! (I received a three month subscription for reviewing purposes) Every subscription box contains 4 to 6 bags of tea, each bag has 1/4 ounce of tea in it. Enough for one Pot of tea or several smaller cups.  On top of that, each member gets a special ID that allows them to order any teas on our Shop at a 50% discount. So if I fall absolutely in love with a sample, I can order more!
I've always wanted to try Bird Nest Pu'er ever since I first read about it years ago, but I had never actually seen it sold anywhere so I was delighted when the first pouch I opened contained a tiny birds nest! It is important to break up a bird's nest before using it because otherwise only the outer leaves will touch the water and the inner leaves will never brew.
Pumpkin Spice Rooibos smelled wonderful the moment I opened it. It's smell and flavor reminds me of crisp fall days. I enjoyed drinking this one on my front steps while watching the sunset.
Ceylon Supreme is a lovely black tea. While I enjoyed this tea it made the least impression on me. The flavor was pleasant and I came away happy but I probably wouldn't order it again simply because I liked some of the others so much better.
The Lavender Sencha Green- was a lovely mixture of green tea and lavender. I love green tea and I love lavender so it was almost a given that I would also love this tea. 
My final tea for this month was Cranberry Cider Herbal which I absolutely loved, but what I loved more was that they listed the ingredients on their website. I have learned to be careful with herbal teas because my husband is allergic to Hibiscus. So I was relieved when I went to the website and they had the ingredients listed on the Cranberry Cider Herbal page. Particularly when I saw that it did indeed have Hibiscus in it as well as Rose hips which are in the same family. So the tea is delicious and my hubby can't drink it. Check!
Over all I am very happy with the quality of this tea, as far as value goes what you are really paying for here is the experience of trying new teas before going out and paying an arm and a leg for something you just aren't that fond of. 

When do I pay for my membership?

At the time you join Simple Loose Leaf, ongoing or gift, you pay for the first period of your membership. i.e. 1 Month, 3 Month, 6 Month. If you are a member of the ongoing club, then your membership will renew on the next 11th, after your pre-paid period is completed. If you have/gave a gift membership, the membership will not renew.

When is the cut off to join Simple Loose Leaf and still get the next box of tea?

All of Simple Loose Leaf tea club boxes ship on the first business day of the month. And the cut off to get the very next box of tea is the last day of the month. i.e. If you join on the 1st through the 31st of December, then your first box of tea will go out on the first business day of January. If you give a gift membership, the tea goes out at the same time as the other tea boxes.

When will my Tea Box be shipped?

Simple Loose Leaf ships all tea boxes on the 1st business day of the month. Expect 2-3 days for domestic shipments and 6-8 days for Canadian shipments.

How much tea do I get each month?

All of our club boxes have 4 to 6 different teas. Each tea will have 1/4 of an ounce. That is enough for a full pot of tea and/or several cups of single serve cups.

What are the different types of tea that I can expect to receive in my box?

We try to features a variety of different teas each month. Here are some types you can expect:
-Traditional green tea – unflavored or lightly flavored tea ie. Jasmine or magnolia
-Traditional black - straight black or old school blends such as Earl Grey
-Oolong or pu’er – more likely oolong
-Flavored tea – can be black, green or herbal but we aspire to keep this seasonal


Simple Loose Leaf is dedicated to growing and expanding the culture of tea through offering the most exciting tea of the month club imaginable. So, you want to know more about the people behind Simple Loose Leaf? Alright, here’s the story.

There are three of us that run Simple Loose Leaf, two brothers and a sister. Here is a rundown about the three of us.

My name is Andrew Flocks, I have an addiction to black teas. The original idea of starting a tea subscription box was my idea, but since we started Simple Loose Leaf has evolved into SO much more than my original idea. I have a degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Arkansas, Go Razorbacks! And I have been starting businesses since I was in high school. I think entrepreneurship is one of the most important missions I have in my life. And right now my passion is developing the most amazing subscription box company, Simple Loose Leaf. A side note: I don’t drink many types of tea. My favorite tea is going to be anything with a metric ton of Assam in it. If you can see through the tea I do not want to drink it.

Next, is Sarah Flocks and her role is Chief “Keep your feet on the ground” Officer. She works full time for Dillard’s and attends college part time, all on top of her work at Simple Loose Leaf. Sarah’s involvement in day to day operations of Simple Loose Leaf is limited but her value to Simple Loose Leaf is immense. I, Andrew, suffer from having my head in the clouds more often than not and by bouncing ideas off Sarah I am able to keep my feet at least near the ground. Her preferred teas are red/rooibos teas.

Last we have Nicholas Flocks, the third and youngest of the three siblings. He is, to a large degree, my partner in crime. With his help Simple Loose Leaf has transformed from being just another poorly conceived tea club, to the only tea club that offers such a unique collection of teas and a premium member's benefits package. Nicholas has a degree in Finance from the University of Arkansas with a significant focus of Corporate Finance. He is the logistical mind behind Simple Loose Leaf. He makes sure the tea ships on time and that each of our many club members get the exact tea they want. His favorite teas are lightly scented greens, jasmine and magnolia.

Simple Loose Leaf is not just another simple tea club that uses its members to get rid of spare inventory that is about to expire. We are a Subscription Box company dedicated to enriching people’s lives through the love of tea. Tea is the world’s most consumed drink, behind water, for a reason. The variety of tea and the beautiful nuances of tea rival the great wines of history, and we are just at the beginning of the tea revolution here in the United States. Join us and become a tea drinking fool, just like us!

Andrew Flocks

Bird Nest Pu'er

Pu'er is a tea famed in china for its earthy flavor and dark color. This tea is fermented and then pressed into cakes of various sizes. Believed to have slimming effects, this tea is a great start to a busy morning and great on the run as it requires no milk or sugar. Each serving is packed individually in neat 'nest' shaped cakes and can be brewed up to three times each. 

Bird Nest Pu'er (1 oz.)


Pumpkin Spice Rooibos

Our nutty Organic South African Rooibos tea is mixed with genuine pumpkin bits and delicately spiced with cinnamon, vanilla, and other seasonal classics to make this smooth and tasty blend that's perfectly at home as and after-dinner treat, a mid-morning break or daily ritual in those blustery cold months. Best served hot and great with milk and sweetener.

Organic South African Rooibos Herbal Tea, Pumpkin Flakes, and Natural and Artificial Flavors

 Pumpkin Spice Rooibos (1 oz.)


Ceylon Supreme Black 

 This exquisite Sri Lankan black tea features excellent long, wiry leaves, which unfold to reveal a wonderful medium-bodied cup with a mildly sweet, nutty almond finish. This lasting flavor is sure to keep you pleasantly satisfied long after the cup is empty. Our Ceylon Supreme is best served hot.

Ceylon Supreme Black Tea

 Ceylon Supreme Black (1 oz.)


Lavender Sencha Green 

 Sencha is a crisp green tea with a smooth body and a proud vegetal flavor. Here we've combined this graceful green tea with delicate soothing lavender blooms. Fantastic as a daily tonic for clarity or the occasional treat, this tea is best hot.

Chinese Sencha Green Tea and Lavender

 Lavender Sencha Green (1 oz.)


Cranberry Cider Herbal 

 This balanced blend of subtly sweet cherry, tart cranberry and warm spicy cinnamon makes this herbal tea refreshingly delicious and reminiscent of warm, mulled holiday drinks. Perfect for children and other watching sugar or caffeine, Cranberry Cider is a wonderfully fruity and naturally caffeine-free tea.

Rose Hips, Hibiscus Flowers, Chicory Root, Natural and Artificial Cranberry Flavor and Cinnamon Chips

 Cranberry Cider Herbal (1 oz.)

If you decided to try out Simple Loose Leaf  Please feel free to mention that you learned about it on Particular Products!

Label Daddy- Medium Label Review

Label Daddy Account 

Label Daddy- Medium Label Review 

Medium All Purpose Label

1 3/4 x 1/2 (50 in each pack) $20.00 (USD)
The Medium All Purpose Label offers a stylish way to easily label books, lunch boxes, backpacks and more. These durable labels are mom friendly and kid friendly as the application process is easy, just peel and stick. Water resistant and UV resistant.


In case you are interested in a wider variety of Labels, The Medium All Purpose label is also included in the Camp Pack

Camp Pack

152 laminated labels in each pack / $50.00 (USD)
A must for all campers... TONS OF LABELS, TONS OF FUN. The Label Daddy Camp Pack includes six different label sizes which will assist campers in labeling ALL of their belongings from clothing, to shoes, bags, sports bottles, toiletries, books, and more. PLUS, all labels in the Camp Pack come already laminated. This unique extra level of protection will eliminate any fading caused by the chemicals in various sunscreens and lotions; a must for any camper's labels. Camp Packs can be customized with our 19 color choices, 6 fonts, and 40+ icons. Peel and stick washable labels. Made in the USA!

Pack Includes:

60 Extra Small
40 Small
16 Medium
24 Mini Shoe
10 Shoe
4 Bag Tags

As some of you may know, Sven is my favorite Frozen Character. You may also know that it is fairly difficult to find good Sven Items. I find Elsa, Anna, and Olaf  all over the place, but I get really excited when I find Sven, I just have to have it. So, needless to say I am impressed that not only is Label Daddy officially licensed for Disney Merchandise but they also have Sven! Sweet! 
The Labels work wonderfully and are even washable, A definite bonus with kids in the house. My daughter wanted to start Labeling everything in our house, but I managed to talk her into just the items that we plan to keep around for a while that might actually leave our house. These labels work so well I'm contemplating getting some of the extra small labels to use on her toys, that way maybe her brothers will stop swiping them.
As you can tell, I love Label Daddy and I feel honored that they are happy to continue their relationship with me.
Label Daddy Provided these Labels for review purposes.


 Metal Prints
Metal Prints
 For images that will take your breath away. Our special process infuses your images right into a sheet of metal. The result is a rich iridescent sheen, bright vivid colors and a life-like depth of detail that can’t be matched by conventional paper prints.
AdoramaPix Lab

From Photo books to Calendars and everything in between Adoramapix has it all. I look forward to reviewing one of their Metal Prints shortly. I am sure it will be everything I expect it to be and more.