Friday, January 15, 2016

Label Daddy- Medium Label Review

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Label Daddy- Medium Label Review 

Medium All Purpose Label

1 3/4 x 1/2 (50 in each pack) $20.00 (USD)
The Medium All Purpose Label offers a stylish way to easily label books, lunch boxes, backpacks and more. These durable labels are mom friendly and kid friendly as the application process is easy, just peel and stick. Water resistant and UV resistant.


In case you are interested in a wider variety of Labels, The Medium All Purpose label is also included in the Camp Pack

Camp Pack

152 laminated labels in each pack / $50.00 (USD)
A must for all campers... TONS OF LABELS, TONS OF FUN. The Label Daddy Camp Pack includes six different label sizes which will assist campers in labeling ALL of their belongings from clothing, to shoes, bags, sports bottles, toiletries, books, and more. PLUS, all labels in the Camp Pack come already laminated. This unique extra level of protection will eliminate any fading caused by the chemicals in various sunscreens and lotions; a must for any camper's labels. Camp Packs can be customized with our 19 color choices, 6 fonts, and 40+ icons. Peel and stick washable labels. Made in the USA!

Pack Includes:

60 Extra Small
40 Small
16 Medium
24 Mini Shoe
10 Shoe
4 Bag Tags

As some of you may know, Sven is my favorite Frozen Character. You may also know that it is fairly difficult to find good Sven Items. I find Elsa, Anna, and Olaf  all over the place, but I get really excited when I find Sven, I just have to have it. So, needless to say I am impressed that not only is Label Daddy officially licensed for Disney Merchandise but they also have Sven! Sweet! 
The Labels work wonderfully and are even washable, A definite bonus with kids in the house. My daughter wanted to start Labeling everything in our house, but I managed to talk her into just the items that we plan to keep around for a while that might actually leave our house. These labels work so well I'm contemplating getting some of the extra small labels to use on her toys, that way maybe her brothers will stop swiping them.
As you can tell, I love Label Daddy and I feel honored that they are happy to continue their relationship with me.
Label Daddy Provided these Labels for review purposes.

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