Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I am delighted to tell you about a New Web store I found (New to me at any rate) They do custom prints of your pictures there are a lot of options available so I'm only going to cover a few. 
The first thing I have to tell you about is their awesome Metallic Prints. These look so much better in real life, I haven't mastered the art of taking pictures of pictures and I apologize.
The Website is extreamly user friendly and it walked me through the process of choosing the best of my pictures to print. I'm obviously not a wonderful photographer because I only had a few Excellent Quality prints to choose from. I ended up choosing two of my favorite Nature pictures that I took. Each one has a special memory attached to it and is now immortalized on Metal.
I chose the Glossy White 8X10 Metal Print with a Wall Float Back so that I could hang them proudly on my wall. From my pictures you can see that they are shiny and reflect light well. (Sorry about that)
They also have Canvas and Acrylic Prints available which are lovely as well and are working on a wood print that I am looking forward to seeing.
Besides just the lovely wall are, they have photo prints as well. They have four different paper finishes that include Luster, Matte, Silk, Glossy, Metallic.Along with Over 25 different print sizes.
I ordered some 4x6s, some 5x7s and a few 8x10s of my favorite pictures.
My Absolute favorite size is the wallet size though. Now I can take a picture of my camera shy husband anywhere and so can his kids. They are cute and atractive and come in sheets of four.

Each picture they print is handled with care and they do their utmost best to ensure you receive the best print possible. Of course if your picture is blurry, your print will be too. There is only so much they can do as they have to work with what you give them. (I had a somewhat blurry picture printed just to see what would happen)
 I have to say that I Adore ADoramaPix and I will certainly be ordering from them again the next time I am ready to have some Pictures printed.

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