Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Dip of Darling
I recently was privileged to win a gift card to  so I ordered a few grab bags because I enjoy surprises.  I ordered 3 sets of Grab Bag s| 2 Clothing + 2 Accessories per bag at 16.99 per set. The value was great if you like surprises which everyone should know by now I love. Now I must say that I ordered my bags in a size 3XL because I'm a size 18 (I'm working on it) so if the items look a bit big, there's a reason for it. In my order I received:
 This is a Darling Gem Necklace. Seeing as it was in a grab bag it was obviously on clearance, I was unable to find the three layered version but this necklace in a two tiered version retails at $16.95
The Betty necklace is probably my favorite out of the included accessories, I like the color and the multiple layers of beads. It's rings in at $22.95.
 The Perfect Bauble Necklace A fun and chunky necklace, I like the color as black goes well with most things it's easy for me to grab when my outfit needs an extra touch. It rings in at $18.95 retail.
 A Skinny Rectangle Pendant  I like this pendant because it's simple, I admit that all of the chunky necklaces threw me off so this simple necklace was a breath of fresh air. It rings in at $14.95 retail.
 The Perfect Bauble Necklace in yellow. The yellow version of the previously seen black. The yellow is nice because it matches well with my yellow clothing items, which I don't have a lot of so I wouldn't have thought to buy a yellow necklace myself. Still ringing in at $18.95
 The two tier version on the Darling Gem Necklace that we saw earlier. It looks a little yellow in the picture, but it is actually a nice mint green color. It rings in at $16.95

 The clothing items are a little harder to value seeing as they are no longer available to order but they are still beautiful and I will attempt to value them based on similar styles.
A lovely Blue Blouse with lovely pearl button accents on the half sleeves. The shirt feels kind of light and airy. I saw some blouses that appear to be made from the same material for $28 but they we short sleeve blouses so I'm going to estimate this one to be at $30-$35
 This shirt was the disappointment of the shipment. I received a size large which is obviously not going to fit me. I am waiting to hear back from A Dip of Darling as to what our next steps may be. I have really enjoyed my purchase and am considering ordering more in the future but it really just depends on how this mistake is handled. I'm not even going to value this shirt because to me there is no value on an item I can't use.
 This dress feels exactly like a T-Shirt, and looks like one too. It is definitely a casual dress and could also be taken as a nightgown because of the choice of material. I'm going to have to add a belt of some kind to make it more dress like and less nightgown like. I do find it comfortable though and I like that I can just throw it on and go if I need to. Dresses are averaging in at $48 and Tshirts at $32.  So I'm going to average it out at a possible $40
 A pretty pink shirt with raunched sides. It's comfortable and easy to match up with pants or a  skirt. I'll admit that I'm still working on the whole fashion thing, I've always just done my own thing and my style would often be considered retro. So this simple, light and comfortable shirt is great for me. Basic shirts seem to be weighing in at $28
 A nice Black and white striped shirt. It is very comfortable and I got several compliments on it the other day. I am very happy with this shirt and look forward to wearing it more. I'm going to go with $28 on this shirt as well.
 A fun yellow dress. I don't often purchase yellow because I'm not sure about how well I wear it, though I would hope that my friends would tell me if I didn't look good in it.  I love the dress and my daughter loves that it has a hoodie on it. The fabric is comfortable and I enjoy wearing it. Dresses are averaging in at $48 so I'm going to go with $48 as it seems reasonable comparatively.
 I naturally matched the Yellows up and I think they go well together. I  can also pair the black necklaces up with this dress easily. I tend to be a bit more conservative when working with colors I'm not used to but who knows, maybe I'll become more bold in the future.
 I added the Perfect Bauble Necklace to the Black and White Striped shirt and got lots of compliments on it.
 I paired a Darling Gem Necklace with this, I'm not sure how well it goes with the dress but the colors seemed to go together well.
 I used the Betty Necklace with the pink raunched shirt and I love the combination. Of course I'm quite fond of both items.
 A simple and elegant combination did I mention I'm not great at matching items together? I think these items work well together, but I could be completely wrong in others eyes.
I have no personal problems with this blouse and shirt other than the obvious fact that the shirt doesn't fit so I can never wear it. The necklace does pair up nicely with it though.

Over all I am very happy with my shopping adventure through A Dip of Darling. I do tend to be a bit laid back as I am a true Southern Girl. I suspect my overall satisfaction level may change depending on how customer service decides to deal with the Blouse mishap. The value is definitely there as the accessories alone would have cost more than $16.99 no matter how you paired them. The clothing is lovely and I enjoy wearing it. 

What do you think of this lot? Do you think I am going to easy on them considering? Feel free to let me know.

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I wanted to do a update on this post. I'm sorry it took so long, I had a personal loss and have not been posting recently. A Dip of Darling responded quickly and sent out a replacement article which arrived shortly after I contacted them. It was another version of the Tshirt Dress, this one with red sleeves. Since I really liked the original dress, I was happy to have another.

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