Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Winterland.com - Holiday Store

I was honored this Holiday season with the ability to order some fabulous Decorations from 


They have a wide selection of Decorations that are sure to fill your decorating needs.


WL-BALL-120-SLV - 120MM Silver Ornament Ball with Silver Glitter Design

 This silver 120 mm , 4.75"" ornament has a shiny finish with glitter details, comes pre-wired and is UV coated. This makes it simple and easy to install and to add as accents to any decor. The ornament is shatterproof which is great for areas with high traffic.

My Take:

This lovely silver ball is huge, it would be perfect for an outdoor tree especially since it is made from a high quality shatterproof plastic.


WL-TEAR-05-SLV - 5" Teardrop Ornament Silver with Silver Glitter

This beautiful 5" tear drop shape ornament adds that extra elegance that everyone will love. These ornaments are great for wedding decorations, holiday parties, or for home use. The silver color and the glitter accents are a great way to catch someones eye. This ornament is Shatterproof.

My Take: 

This tear drop shaped ornament goes perfectly with the 120mm ball, it is also a large Outdoor tree style ornament. Don't get me wrong, these lovely ornaments will hang nicely on an indoor tree but if you are interested in keeping it proportional, it would have to be a massive tree.


WL-TOP-09-SLV-STAR - 9" Silver Star Topper

Use this magnificent 9"" silver tree topper to complete your Christmas tree. It's glitter enhancement ensures that it will add a splash of excitement to your tree. Would be the perfect compliment for a silver and gold themed tree.  

My take:

Every tree needs a topper, and this one shines beautifully.  It is a simple yet beautiful silver star. It's not some fancy electric gadget which is probably why I like it so much. Unlike the massive ornaments you've seen so far. This star fits wonderfully on our tree. I love how it shines, the glitter picks up the Lights below and reflects it beautifully. I also love not having an extra wire that I have to figure out how to plug in.


WL-ZIPT-4W - 4" white zip tie pack of 100

 You can easily fasten both commercial-grade and standard-grade lights to buildings and trees with these tie wraps. They can be used with C-7 Lamps, C-9 Lamps, and Mini Lights. The Ties work for both standard Incandescents and LEDs. Each tie is 4 inches and the white color is designed for use with white wire. Come in bags of 100. They are good for both indoor and outdoor use.

My take:

Zip ties are always useful. A nice set of a hundred four inch zip ties for a reasonable price, I couldn't resist.


WL-ORN-CDY3-6PK-RE - 4"" Assorted Candy Ornaments Round Square Oval 6pk

This candy piece ornament is an excellent choice when decorating for the holidays. It is made of shatterproof plastic. The ornament is enhanced with glittered accents, giving it an additional sparkle look that really adds to its festiveness. Hang it over your doors~ banisters~ walls and ceilings. It is perfect for shopping malls and stores~ where you want to catch the attention of customers. It would also be perfect in any home or office.

My Take:

I know, these don't match my other ornaments at all, but they looked so cute! These are a lot bigger than I imagined them to be, not their fault that my mind couldn't wrap around the prospect of a four inch piece of Candy. These are fun and festive, they remind me of the Italian Glass candy ornaments that I used to have. Fortunately these candies are made of shatterproof plastic, so I don't have to worry about the kids breaking them.

WL-FINIAL-ST-6PK-BK; 6 Pack of Black 6" shiny and matte finials

 These graceful 6 inch black finial ornaments are a must for holiday parties. With this 6 pack, you get 3 shiny and 3 matte finish finials. Hang these finials from tables, porches, or ceilings. Allow these ornaments to create a memory many won't forget. This ornament is shatterproof.

My Take:

A lovely set of black finial ornaments, I think that these would work great on both Large and normal sized trees. I like the Shiny and Matte finishes and I like how well they go with my silver ornaments.


WL-FINIAL-ST-6PK-SLV; 6 Pack of Silver 6" shiny and matte finials

 These graceful 6 inch silver finial ornaments are a must for holiday parties. With this 6 pack, you get 3 shiny and 3 matte finish finials. Hang these finials from tables, porches, or ceilings. Allow these ornaments to create a memory many won't forget. This ornament is shatterproof.

My Take:

 A beautiful set of six silver finials, the match my black ones perfectly and are both shiny and matte as well. While these ornaments are a bit larger than my traditional tree ornaments I think they look wonderful.


WL-ONION-S-6PK-BK - 6Pk Black Smooth Shatterproof Onion Ornaments

These black Christmas ornaments have a traditional smooth onion shape to them. They will add a touch of elegance and Christmas style wherever they are placed, such as on your Christmas tree or over a doorway. There are several different styles in this assortment, including matte, glitter,and shiny. Sold as a pack of 6; 2 matte, 2 glitter, 2 shiny. These ornaments are shatterproof.

My Take:

This set of fun black ornaments includes two matte, two shiny, and two glitter ornaments. I've always been a fan of glitter so I'm particularly happy with this set because it also has my favorite color. Black Glitter, in my eyes you can't go wrong.

Winterlandinc.com is a great place to shop for your Holiday decorating needs. While I believe that A lot of it's products are best suited for Businesses and Large Community  Trees, I can also  easily see how it can cater to household needs as well. With Everything from pre-decorated trees and wreaths to replacement bulbs and garland, I know where I'm shopping from now on.

I was given a twenty five dollar gift card to order as I pleased at Winterlandinc.com in order to give a full and accurate review of their site. All opinions are my own.

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