Monday, December 14, 2015

Air Heads- more than just a candy

Crafting is fun with air Heads, Even the creatively challenged can enjoy creating fun decorations for cookies and cupcakes. Today my daughter and I spent the morning creating some fun and interesting cupcakes.
 I started by gathering some supplies, here are some little cookie cutters I had at home and some sucker sticks and candy cutting tools that were provided to us by Smiley360 in an effort to get us to Get Crafty!
 A little creativity goes a long way, this cookie cutter was originally a skull head, but I turned it upside down and along with a White Mystery Airhead, turned it into a snowman!
 We started off with two dozen cupcakes, baked fresh for this project. Minus one, because we decided to split it as a treat for a job well done!
 After some random creativity we came up with a homemade flower sucker made from flower cut outs, a couple of snowmen, a butterfly and a couple of other fun creations.
 My daughter had a blast making her own creations. And we got to spend some wonderful quality time together. We truly enjoy baking and crafting. We may not have made the cover of Better Homes and Gardens with our creations, but we did make desert for tonight and created some lasting memories.
 Today's lesson in creativity was brought to you in part by Air Heads and Smiley 360 who sent me a fun kit to experiment with and show my readers that you can do more with Air Heads Candy than just pop it in your mouth. So the next time you are out at the store, maybe you will be inspired to create some lasting memories of your own!
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