Monday, July 24, 2017

Bath Bombs Gift Set


  • Large bath bombs each bath bomb is 4.5 Oz
  • Multi use unisex bath bombs, suitable for foot, tub and Jacuzzi spa relaxation
  • Bonus lavender bubble bath soap for deep bathing experience
  • Mess free our handmade bath bombs made with no dyes or artificial colors
  • The perfect gift luxury box design with red ribbon, suits perfectly for every occasion: birthday gift for her, housewarming gift
♥ Large Bath Bombs - Each Bath Bomb is 4.5 OZ
♥ Multi Use - Unisex Bath Bombs,suitable for Foot, Tub and Jacuzzi Spa relaxation
♥ Including Lavender Bubble Bath Soap for deep bathing experience.Make your bath tub explode with bubbles
♥ Mess Free - Our Handmade Bath Bombs made with NO dyes or artificial colors -
   Your tub and your skin will remain free from stains and will not leave your tub greasy or oily
♥Beautiful, stylish gift box,can be used for jewels and more
♥The perfect gift box, wrapped with a red ribbon
♥Jacuzzi safe
♥Men Friendly-Including a recipe for a romantic evening
♥Foot Spa-even if you are not a baths person, you can relax and soften your feet after a long day
♥Handmade with Essential Oils
♥Recyclable thick craft box

Our Bath Bombs Set include 6 LARGE 4.5 OZ Bath Bombs with 6 Assorted Fragrances for every mood

  • Catching ZZZZ-with lavender oil
  • Revive-citrus bland with peppermint
  • Spa Day-cocoa butter with honey
  • Inspiration-jasmine with ylang ylang
  • Pure Romance-rose and sandalwood
  • Stiff Muscles-ginger and lemongrass

THE PERFECT GIFT Luxury box design wrapped with red ribbon

​-Men Friendly-Including a recipe for a romantic evening

♥ THE PERFECT GIFT Luxury box design wrapped with red ribbon, suits perfectly for every occasion:
  • Birthday gift for her
  • Housewarming gift 
  • Anniversary gift 
  • Christmas gift 
  • Moms Birthday gift 
  • Valentines day gift 
  • Baby Showers gift
  • "I am sorry" gift 
  • Sweet Sixteen gift 
  • Graduations gift 
  • New years gift
  • Father's Day gift, etc.

This is a great Bath Bomb set. Everything about it says luxury to me. I love that while all of the bombs smell amazing none of them are so flowery and "girly" that my husband wouldn't be willing to share a relaxing bath with me. The packaging is very nice and I love that I can reuse the box when I am done with the bombs to hold various bath supplies as it is sturdy as well as aesthetic. The bombs themselves are very large and I could see breaking one in half so that I could use it twice without feeling shorted on either bath. Overall a great product that I am thrilled to have had the chance to try and look forward to using again.

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