Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Intelligent Labs- Ultrapure Omega 3

Ultra Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules 2250mg. The Best Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement Available!

Ultra Pure Omega 3 9Each serving has a huge 1224mg of EPA and 816mg of DHA. This EPA:DHA ratio of 3:2 is the exact ratio that is recommended by scientists after extensive experiments, other brand use a higher EPA:DHA ratio of 4:2 or sometimes even 5:2 because it is cheaper to produce.
Also all of our Omega 3 is in natural Triglyceride form. This form is also specifically scientifically recommended, most other companies use a chemically altered lower quality Estyl Ester form, which is less well absorbed and less effective in the body.
You will not find this strength of Omega 3, with this high a DHA content that is made from Triglycerides anywhere else.
Our Fish Oil comes from an IFFO and GOED registered facility, and is molecularity distilled to remove any contaminants including heavy metals, Dioxins and PCB’s for complete purity. Each batch is then 3rd party tested for your complete peace of mind.
Our Omega 3 is sustainably sourced from a “Friends of the Sea” certified supplier. We use wild caught Mackerel, Anchovy and Sardine from the pristine waters of the Antarctic and there are absolutely no artificial additives.
Ultra Pure Omega 3 16When your order today you are also backed by our love it or 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t love our Omega 3 simply return it for a full refund. We completely believe in our products because they work, and to prove that we remove any risk on your behalf!
We have the 3rd party, independent, lab testing reports publicly available, showing the strength and purity of our product.
 Why should you take Omega 3
Because we would not be human without Omega 3! The latest archeological research into our evolutionary history shows the first hominids (pre-humans) appeared in the Rift Valley in East Africa. Around 2.5 million years ago a change in the global climate caused a cooling which led a reduction in the size of the forests where our ancestors were living, and a less reliable supply of food. This forced them to move from the forests to the lakes and seas, where food at a lower temperature was easier to find.
This led to a change in the course of our history. We moved from a solely vegetarian diet to an omnivore diet that was rich in fish and shellfish, which are extremely rich in Omega 3 oils. The extra availability of energy through animal based foods and the special properties of Omega 3 led to a reduction in size of our digestive systems and a corresponding rise in the size of our brains specifically the frontal cortex, or thinking part of the brain. In other words Omega 3 was vital in making us Human, we would not have developed our large brain size without it. It’s an integral part of our health and well being that many doctors still don’t understand.
My forty day supply of  Intelligent Labs- Ultrapure Omega 3 arrived at my house quickly and was well packaged in order to maintain quality and integrity. I like to take my vitamins in the AM so I started taking them the next following morning. The recommended serving it three of the soft gel capsules. These capsules are about the size of your basic multi-vitamin but since they  are soft gels they are much easier to swallow. I was pleasantly surprised by the light lemon scent, it is certainly better than a fishy smell I've gotten with other, cheaper brands. I usually take my vitamins after breakfast so I didn't experience any unpleasant side effects from them. Today I decided to take my Omega 3 on an empty stomach just to see how it would go. They didn't upset my stomach at all. About a half an hour after taking them I did burp a couple of times, but it was just a normal burp. Happily they was no fishy taste in my mouth afterwords, which I absolutely hate. Over all I have had a wonderful experience with Intelligent Labs- Ultrapure Omega 3 and have no doubt that when I go to replace my empty bottle I will be purchasing my Omega 3 from IntelligentLabs.

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