Friday, May 13, 2016

Cooper Box- A Great Gift For Dad!

Father's Day

He doesn’t have to be his dad.

Just their dad.

Fathers want to spend time with their kids doing the kinds of imaginative, inventive things that shape their character and relationship. Things they won’t ever forget. So, get them the Cooper Kit.

Fatherhood isn’t what it used to be.

Today’s dads are cooking meals, supervising playgrounds, and more. Yet, there’s not much out there designed for the father as a guy and as a parent.

The Gift for Men with Kids

When you give the Cooper Kit subscription box, we’ll send him and his kids a big ‘ol box of themed projects, toys, books and ideas that, yes, both dads and kids find cool. To say it’s filled with memories, well, that’s a bit of an understatement.


Easy. We do all the work so he can maximize his time with the kids. It’s a gift that leaves ties and golf balls to shame. Those go out of style and get lost. Memories made by the Cooper Kit stick. Get the Kit
 So The Cooper Kit is a Quarterly Subscription Box aimed at Dads and their kids. This quarter's theme is Live & Let Spy! Perfect for my boys and my daughter loves anything Daddy Related.
The Website states that
“Each Cooper Kit contains multiple curated products and activities designed to enrich your quality time with your children (and have a good time while doing it), as well as:
*A shipping box that turns into a toy!
*An activity book that guides you through the theme and the contents of the box
*A bedtime story
*A separate website of related digital resources
*Links to even MORE theme-related activities that are ëBeyond the Boxí
*Parenting and topical links to resources that are ëJust for Dadí
*A themed dinner menu with recipes (daddies are doing a ton of cooking for the family these days)”
Moreover, Cooper Kit promises to make memories, and to be:
“*Educational via discovery
*Hands on building
*Themed for both Dads and kids
*Multi-activity (6-9 activities)
*Geography neutral (i.e. no snow required)
*Gender neutral (for the kids)
*A catalyst for self-expression and creativity
*Both nostalgic and current”
 The Secret Agent Dossier tells us about the activities and recipes that we are going to be doing this month. Each activity is extremely well thought out and planned for optimum fun and the occasional learning experience (Shhh, don't tell the kids.) The first activity is to create your own disguise. My hubby went ahead and cut out the accessories before starting this because he didn't think my daughter would be patient enough to sit through cutting them out (I think he was right.) In the true spirit of Daddy time when he went to open the box with the kids  I was sent off tho go find something else to do, so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked. Once everybody had their Secret Spy disguises the guys moved on to Cracking the Secret Code which the boys loved and my daughter didn't, but that's OK because she apparently loved the next activity which was: Traversing a Laser Obstacle Course. Next they moved on to Deciphering The Secret Message which was fun and used the box as a tool for decoding. They rounded off  the time before I got back to cook dinner by building a Listening device. This was my youngest son's favorite activity and he's still talking about it several days later. They are planning to make the recipes this weekend as we had to buy some of the ingredients. I think my daughter's favorite part was the book. She's been having Daddy read it to her whenever she gets a chance. 
I'd say that The Cooper Kit was a definite success in our house and the kids can't wit until next quarter's kit comes in.
Be sure to order your family's kit today

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