Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Money Savvy Kids

Money Savvy Generation: Helping Kids Get Smart About Money

A wonderful child's program that teaches kids (Ideally between 6 and  12 years old) about money and the different ways to spend it. This child-friendly educational program that teaches personal finance basics in a fun, approachable way to ensure that the learning sticks.I will be using this kit for years because at six my daughter isn't quite ready to fill out the workbook, so I will save that for another year's curriculum. She does however love the songs and coloring book. I am going through the chapters with her and we talk about everything that is being discussed. She loves adding money to her new piggy bank and is saving for a new pet, her spend goal is a new tablet, She is going to donate to the local food pantry and is investing in a trip to see the world when she gets (A lot) older. She is learning a lot from this kit and is really enjoying using it.
 Designed for children ages six to eleven, Money Savvy Kids @Home is the perfect starting point to teach a child how to get smart about money. Leading the way is the award-winning, interactive Money Savvy Pig piggy bank which helps parents and children explore such topics as the history of money, where does money come from, the importance of earning money and, of course, the four basic money management choices: Save, Spend, Donate and Invest.

The eight chapters on the CD-ROM are designed for a parent and child to read together. The four children's sing-along songs help to reinforce the money management concepts introduced. Sixteen student workbook activities help your child to practice what has been learned. The comprehensive discussion guide for parents includes commentaries by Susan Beacham, nationally syndicated columnist on the subject of kids and money and founder of Money Savvy Generation .
To help deepen parents' understanding of how children should relate to money, Susan talks about goal setting, money choices, teaching kids to pay themselves first, and that favorite topic --- allowance. Working together, parent and child can complete each chapter in about 60 minutes. Tackle one, or more than one at a time. Work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.
 Money Savvy Kids @Home is entertaining and effective. Independent research proves this program's ability to improve children's attitudes and behavior about money management.

What is Included?
  • Money Savvy Pig piggy bank and goal setting stickers
  • 44 page soft-cover Parent Handbook
  • 8 chapter CD-ROM with over 100 color images and four sing-along kids songs about money
  • 21 page soft-cover Student Workbook
  • 22 page soft-cover Money Savvy Kids Coloring and Activity Book
  • 17" by 22" When You're Smart with Money Poem Poster
Price: $39.99. 
Have more than one child at home? For $23.99 you may purchase additional student materials consisting of a piggy bank, workbook and coloring/activity book. 

I was provided a sample for testing and reviewing purposes.

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