Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Third Die - Dice Bag - Handcrafted And Reversible Drawstring Bag That Stands Open On The Table - For All Your Gaming Needs

  • Microfiber
  • *HANDMADE* Quality construction from ULTRA SOFT microfiber cloth
  • *REVERSIBLE* Navy on one side Gray on the other - you have 2 bags in one
  • *ROOMY* Holds hundreds of dice
  • *SMART* Stands open on table then draws closed and stays closed tight
  • *NOTE* Dice not included

It's well past time to retire that old Crown Royal bag.
TRUTH: you have been lugging around your favorite, your super cool and your flat out lucky dice for years in a worn out bag that was always too small anyway.
The reason is that you just haven't run across anything better to carry your assortment of gaming tools. Until now.
We heard you, and produced this dice bag to finally answer your call.
The Third Die game bag (only from IX Better Home) improves your tabletop gameplay with these killer advantages:

  • Hold a Ton of Dice - This bag will hold 100+ dice, see the pictures!
  • Microfiber Material - Soft on the hands, nice when you are fishing around for a d20!
  • Double Layer Construction - It's reversable like having two bags in one!
  • Tightly Double Stiched - This bag will last forever!
  • 4 Inch Square Bottom - Stands wide open on the table to grab dice easily!
  • Closes Tight - Don't foolishly spill your dice everywhere!

This wonderful handcrafted series of super cool and useful dice bags are created by gamers FOR gamers so that we can store the stuff that lets us shoot, slash, stab, cast, dodge, decide and gamble our way to fame, glory or death!
Bring your unique, beautiful Third Die dice bag and plunk it on the table, your foes will know exactly how pro you are. Scour down those tunnels fighting off wererats, compute jumps across the galaxy, board the frigate you just caught on the winds or vaporize a mob of zombies.
Do it in pure style, be the envy of the table and grab this limited dice bag while they're still available. You'll thank yourself every time you game.
Then grab another as a gift for your favorite gaming buddy they'll thank you every time they game too.
Happy rolling!

A dice bag made for gamers by gamers. This dice bag holds hundreds of dice, and if you are anything like me and hundreds of other role-players out there, you need a bag that does. I had given up on having a dice bag and just gotten a dice box because I was tired of them rolling out of my bags. This dice bag is made of sturdy material that stands upright and has a large mouth with two drawstrings allowing for easy access and sorting ability. Now I can easily pick out 18 D6 or 3 D10, I don't have to dump the whole thing out. If you're a magic player it is also a great way to carry your counters. The bag is also reversible, it is Navy Blue on with the Third Die emblem on one side and Grey on the other so I can pick my favorite or mix it up as wanted. This is definitely the best dice bag I've ever owned and I've been gaming for over ****ty years.
As a blogger companies sometimes provide me with samples of their products, and in this case, IX Better Home provided me with their Dice Bag to test and review and to give my honest opinion of the results 

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